Smash & Grab

Introducing Smashprotect, the ultimate protection from traffic robbery. No access, No injuries, No loss

Don't let traffic robbers
laugh at your expense
For as low as

Protect yourself & your loved ones. Prevent access into your vehicle.

About Smash Protect

SL® automotive films brand of Security Films aka smashprotect is manufactured by Haverkamp in Germany.

SmashProtect when applied on the interior windows of automobiles helps prevent ‘Smash & Grab’ theft incidences by maintaining the integrity of the window pane and preventing airborne glass shards, therefore causing no injury to occupants and access into vehicle is denied.

The surface is scratch-resistant and its transparency makes it visually unobtrusive.

SmashProtect starts from N25,000 (inclusive of installation).

SmashProtect is marketed and distributed in Nigeria by CBC Surveillance Limited, a subsidiary of CBC Group

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Why Smash Protect from CBC and not the competition?
Smash Protect from CBC is a premium product from Haverkamp, in Germany. The Germans are reputed and correctly too, for being very thorough and efficient. Check out the next BMW, Porsche, Benz that zoom past you...
Smash Protect will perform, as promised.
There is usually only one chance to protect yourself, loved ones and valuables. Do not let the robbers steal from you and in addition, make you feel stupid for buying an inferior product.
Use only Smash Protect from CBC, to protect you, your loved ones and property.
What is the difference between this and the normal tint film?
The film used to tint vehicles is not a security film. It is basically for privacy and to reduce the exposure of occupants in the vehicle to solar rays.
The main difference is in the thickness of the film. Most tint films are less than 2mm thick.
Smash Protect is 7mm thick. In addition to providing protection from smash and grab incidences, it also helps reduce heat within the vehicle.
How long will this film last on my car?
Minimum of 10 years.
Where is this film manufactured?
Germany - it is a premium product for the complete security of you and your loved ones, in traffic & while the vehicle is parked.
What is the guarantee that I will be safe?
There is nothing like German precision and efficiency. This product is specially designed and wholly manufactured in Germany.
How am I sure that this isn't a scam?
CBC Surveillance Limited is a subsidiary of the 30 years old CBC Group. We transact based on our integrity and reputation.
Who will do the installation?
CBC designated professionals. Don't worry, the cost of professional installation is included in the price of Smash Protect.
How long does it take to install?
1 hour.
Do I need a permit for this?


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